2019 Edition

Mobile Gaming Apps Report

User Acquisition Trends and Benchmarks

Mobile Gaming apps continue to grow at a fast and furious pace, set to reach 60% market share in gaming spend in 2019, producing revenues of $95.4 billion by 2022. But it’s not just the topline numbers that are impressive. Mobile games account for 33% of all mobile downloads and 10% of all time spent on mobile.

With Retention Data from appsflyer

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Download the 2019 Mobile Gaming Apps Report to get the latest trends and benchmarks on mobile gaming apps engagement.

The report provides insights on four key gaming segments including: Midcore & Strategy, Casual Gaming, Hyper Casual and Social Casino. Highlights include:

  • Mobile gaming app user acquisition trends and benchmarks
  • OS platform & seasonal trends
  • Year-over-year trends in costs and conversion rates
  • Performance by region and key countries
  • Retention rates across subcategories, regions & countries, provided by AppsFlyer

The report draws from Liftoff internal data from June 2018 through May 2019, spanning 82 million app installs and 14 million in-app purchases.

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Access the report in Japanese or Chinese.