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The digital ad market is rebounding—and revolutionary technologies like generative AI are leading the way.

AI investments are not only driving the conversation. They are also powering platform upgrades for top industry players to improve the scale and speed of creative production and optimization.

In this year’s Mobile Ad Creative Index, Liftoff’s Creative Studio team shares their recommendations for adopting generative AI tools to move faster and rack up performance wins. We also offer benchmarks for ad formats across four app verticals and explore the latest trends in UGC and gaming creative.


Report highlights include:

  • CPI and comparative ITI rates by ad format across gaming, finance, entertainment, and e-commerce app verticals
  • Select CPA and ROAS benchmarks by ad format
  • Insights from Creative Studio on how to experiment with generative AI to scale production and optimize performance
  • Tips for optimizing UGC, trends in gaming creative, and more

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