Mobile Ad
Creative Index

Liftoff + Vungle’s 2022 Mobile Ad Creative Index examines the trends that drive performance across four key app verticals and five leading ad formats. Backed by new insights from GameRefinery, this report empowers advertisers to reach new audiences with an overview of 12 user motivations and tips on how to translate them into high-performing creative.

The 2022 Mobile Ad Creative Index also features exclusive insights and top tips from in-house experts from Liftoff + Vungle.

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Highlights include:

  • Benchmarks for CPI, CPA and ROAS across five ad formats
  • An overview of 12 user motivations and how to apply them
  • How different ad formats perform across gaming, finance, e-commerce and entertainment verticals
  • Best practices from creative experts at Liftoff + Vungle

Read the report in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese or Spanish.

This report is based on:

  • 805B


  • 12.6B


  • 200M