2022 App
Marketer Survey

Taking the Pulse of 500+ App Marketers

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The mobile app industry looks very different from how it did even 12 months ago. To gain meaningful insights into what mobile marketers are thinking and doing today, we surveyed over 500 mobile marketers across the globe to capture what it is like to run mobile marketing for an app company right now and how things could change in 2023 and beyond.


We asked marketers questions ranging from the impact of App Tracking Transparency (ATT) and their understanding of SKAN 4 to changes in ad campaign budgets as well as where their ad dollars are going into 2023. Download Liftoff’s 2022 App Marketer Survey to get a better understanding of what your mobile marketing peers are thinking and doing as we head into 2023.


Report highlights include:

  • Opinions on the state of app marketing 2022
  • Feelings on how privacy is changing the industry
  • Thoughts on the future of mobile marketing

Read the report in English, Chinese, or Korean.