Mobile Finance Apps Report

User Acquisition Trends & Benchmarks

Money has gone mobile, with more people in more countries using mobile finance apps to do much more than spend and send money. Marketers determined to cash in on the upswing in finance apps must double-down on efforts to address and engage their audience.

Download the 2018 Mobile Finance Apps Report to help make data-informed decisions about who, when and how to market mobile finance apps.

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Master the art of marketing mobile finance apps.

The 2018 Mobile Finance Apps Report arms mobile finance app marketers to know when and how to market their app most effectively. It draws from Liftoff internal data from February 1, 2017 through January 31, 2018, spanning 8.7 billion ad impressions across 2.6 million app installs, 102 million clicks and 1 million activations and registrations. The report sheds light on:

  • Cost & conversion rates for installs, registrations and activations
  • Data broken out by month, platform, and gender
  • Regional trends across APAC, EMEA, and North America
  • Creative tips provided by a popular fintech company offering micro-investing

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Watch our on-demand webinar recording where we cover the biggest takeaways from the report. We analyze and discuss the data, as well as provide tips which mobile app marketers of finance apps won't want to miss.