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- Enhancing User Engagement

Tuesday, May 28th at 9 AM (PT) | 6 PM (CET)


Discover new ways to captivate your audience and maximize profitability in non-gaming apps

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Join us for an insightful webinar presented by Liftoff Intelligence, featuring expert insights from our top non-gaming analyst. This engaging session will delve into proven strategies to amplify user engagement, retention, and monetization in non-gaming apps. 

Discover the keys to cultivating vibrant communities and enhancing social interactions that keep users coming back for more. We'll also explore innovative monetization strategies that go beyond traditional advertising and subscriptions, offering fresh ideas to increase your app's profitability.

What you'll learn:

  • Techniques for boosting user engagement and retention in non-gaming apps
  • Strategies for building strong communities and fostering social interaction to enhance community engagement
  • Innovative methods for monetizing apps beyond traditional advertising and subscriptions
Christie Crable

Christie Crable

Head of Activations, Intelligence


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Kalle Heikkinen

Kalle Heikkinen

Market Insights,


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