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2023 was a year of ups and downs. The app marketing industry continued to contend with ID deprecation, and app marketers explored new channels and alternative modes of measurement like medial mix modeling. The year brought new challenges and game-changing innovations in the way of ML and generative AI. 


To prepare for 2024, our second annual app marketer survey gauges how marketers feel about the challenges and innovations that define their industry. We asked over 500 mobile marketers about campaign performance in 2023, future expectations for ad spend, and the channels making a difference now.


Survey highlights include:

  • Marketer perceptions about overall performance in 2023, their KPIs, and their budget 
  • The impact of MMM and what matters most when selecting a DSP 
  • Perspectives on SKAN 4 and GAID changes 
  • Expectations for campaign performance in 2024, and the channels worth the spend

Read the report in English or Chinese.