Holiday Guide 
for E-Commerce Apps

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The 2023 holiday season is fast approaching. Although concerns linger over the macro environment, consumers are looking to the holiday shopping season with greater confidence and, in many cases—a larger budget. 

Liftoff’s 2023 Holiday Guide for E-commerce Apps breaks down seasonal changes in ad costs to help e-commerce marketers find the best ROI for their ad spend. To help maximize engagement during key spending windows, the experts at Liftoff’s Creative Studio also compiled six best practices to reach new quality users and ensure your holiday ad experiences stand out in a crowded field. 


Guide highlights include: 

  • Seasonal CPI breakdowns by platform and region 
  • Seasonal CPA breakdowns by platform and region 
  • Best practices to integrate your holiday campaign into your evergreen ad strategy 
  • Must-know tips to help your e-commerce app stand out this holiday season