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Inside the Future of Fintech

Banking, investing, and fintech apps have seen tremendous growth over the past two years. But recent changes in the economy present new challenges for the budding sector. Whether finance apps can continue to scale will depend on their ability to attract new users despite market fluctuations.

Liftoff’s 2022 Finance Apps Report provides a guide for marketers in a pivotal time for financial and fintech organizations. This report offers indispensable metrics and insights from the past year. In addition to the latest data on costs and conversion rates, we interviewed our in-house creative expert and two Mobile Heroes about running ad campaigns that drive revenue and tackling the unique challenges finance app marketers face.

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Report highlights include:

  • Costs and conversion rates by platform and by region
  • Monthly trends for costs and conversions for the past year
  • Interviews with Mobile Heroes about product development, marketing strategies, and tackling challenges in the vertical
  • Interview with Liftoff’s in-house expert on creatives that drive new users

Read the report in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, or Spanish.


Justin Nield
Creative Pod Lead


Roven He
Senior Performance Marketing Manager


Annica Lin
Vice President of Growth