Mobile Ad
Creative Index

Creative Ad Performance Trends & Benchmarks

Liftoff’s annual Mobile Ad Creative Index spotlights the creative advertising trends that drive effectiveness in mobile. The report reveals how different creative ad formats impact app marketing by breaking down the conversions and costs that we track every second of every day.

2021 Mobile Ad Creative Index

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Report highlights include:

  • Data revealing ad formats with the most engagement
  • The most cost-effective creatives for driving conversions
  • The impact of COVID-19 on ad creative costs and performance
  • The ad creatives that perform better on Android versus iOS
  • Insightful best practices from Liftoff’s Ad Creative team

Read the report in ChineseEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, or Spanish.

This Report is Based on:

  • 1,796

    Apps Included

  • 396B


  • 6.2B


  • 275M


  • 7.7M

    First-Time Events