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2019 Japan Mobile App Engagement Report

User Acquisition Trends & Benchmarks

Home to a population of 126 million and ranked as the 4th richest country, according to the World Bank, the Japanese mobile market has existed longer than any other worldwide. Japan consistently ranks among the "Big Spenders" of the App Economy, accounting for 15.4% of global app revenues in 2018.

Download the 2019 Japan Mobile App Engagement Report by Liftoff and Adjust as a starting point to build your roadmap to achieve success in Japan's exciting app economy.

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Master the art of marketing mobile apps in Japan

Market conditions are clearly favorable for app growth, but marketers will have to do their homework to rise above the noise and convert Japanese users who prefer quality apps and partial to home-grown innovation. This report provides insights on:

  • App engagement trends and benchmarks in the Japan market
  • User acquisition costs and conversion rates
  • Engagement differences by platform (iOS and Android)
  • 30 day retention trends
  • The seasonality impact on app usage

Access the report in Chinese or Japanese

The report draws from Liftoff and Adjust internal data from April 2018 through March 2019, spanning 90 billion ad impressions, 13.6 million app installs and 3.9 million post-install events.

For a more in-depth analysis, watch our on-demand webinar, "Best Practices for Marketing an App in Japan." 


Access the report in Japanese or Chinese