Mobile App Engagement Index

2018 User Acquisition Trends & Benchmarks

As the App Economy enters a new and critical phase of growth, the pressure is on app marketers to drive deep-funnel interactions with their apps in this crowded and competitive marketplace.

With that in mind the 2018 Mobile App Engagement Index by Leanplum and Liftoff equips app marketers to make data-informed decisions, ensuring your app remains at the center of the customer experience.

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Drive usage, boost loyalty and increase revenue.

The burgeoning global App Economy has produced more opportunities than ever to interact with users and influence their actions. The data and insights contained in this report will help turn every session into an opportunity that will allow you to drive usage, boost loyalty and ultimately increase revenues. The report covers:

  • Average CPIs, CPAs and conversion rates for App Installs, Registrations, Reservations, In-App Purchases, Purchases, and Subscriptions
  • Data broken down by gender and operating systems
  • Important seasonal trends
  • Insights across all major app categories
  • Regional trends (North America, LATAM, EMEA and APAC)
  • Retention data across regions, platforms, and verticals

Want to learn more about mobile app engagement, trends and benchmarks?

Watch our on demand webinar "2018 Mobile App Engagement: Trends & Benchmarks" where we discuss the most interesting insights from the Index including seasonal trends, data broken down by gender, mobile app retention data and more.


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