2017 Edition

Mobile App Engagement Index

User Acquisition Trends and Benchmarks

Armed with analytics marketers can aim high, but without visibility into benchmarks they can still miss performance targets by a mile. With that in mind the 2017 Mobile App Engagement Index report distills data around costs and conversion rates across a broad range of apps to help marketers benchmark their performance and plan the year ahead.

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Benchmark your app against the competition.

Apps are always accessible and users are reaching to them according to their own timetable - not one that necessarily revolves around seasons or specific times of the year. This observation dovetails with Liftoff data. This Index overlays acquisition costs with conversion rates to pinpoint areas of opportunity throughout the year when marketers can get value for money. The Index includes:

  • Average CPIs, CPAs and conversion rates for App Installs, In-App Purchases, Purchases, Registrations, Reservations and Subscriptions
  • Data broken down by gender and operating systems
  • Important seasonal trends including windows of opportunity
  • Insights across six major app categories: Dating, Finance, Gaming, Shopping, Travel and Utility
  • Regional trends (North America, LATAM, EMEA and APAC)

Want to learn more about the 2017 Mobile App
Engagement Index?

Watch our on-demand 2017 Mobile App Engagement Index Webinar where we discuss the meatiest nuggets from the Index report with Peggy Anne Salz, Chief Analyst and Founder at MobileGroove, mobile analyst, top 30 Mobile Marketing influencer, nine-time author and regular contributor to Forbes, Harvard Business Review and VentureBeat.