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Download the 2016 Mobile App Engagement Index

Download the 2016 Mobile App Engagement Index to see how your app compares to the competition.

We've dug deep into our dataset for the 2016 Index, analyzing over 7.3 million app installs and 65 million post-install mobile events. Inside you will find:

  • Average CPIs, CPAs and conversion rates for App Installs, Registrations, Purchases, Subscriptions, Reservations, and In-App Purchases
  • Differences by gender and operating systems
  • Important seasonal trends
  • Additional insights across five major app categories: Shopping, Finance, Gaming, Travel, and Utility

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In 2016, subscriptions and purchase events carried the highest user acquisition costs while registrations, higher up in the funnel, were the least expensive. 

When it comes to spending money, iOS users continue to outperform Android.

Female mobile users are nearly twice as likely to make a reservation on their phone than men.